Video Rental Store

Case Study Description


Problem Statement

A video store sells and rents videos to people. A person must be a store member to rent from that store. Anyone can buy a video.

Members can reserve videos for rent if all copies of it are currently rented. When a video is returned, the member will be called and the video held for up to 3 days, after which the reservation will be cancelled if unclaimed. Rental fees ($2 for 2 days) are paid at the time of rental. Late returns are fined (at $1/day), and fines must be paid before another video can be rented.

A limited stock of videos is kept for sale, but a member can order a video for purchase.

Statistics are kept of how often and when a video has been rented, and of member activity (number of video rentals and late returns, reservations and expired reservations).

Closed accounts are purged after 3 three years.

The manager can place orders for new copies or titles and can put new videos on the shelves.

Member can subscribe themselfs to be informed about new titles.

System Scope

You are to build a system to support the operations of this business.

Three different parties will use this computer system: the store clerk, the customer, and the store manager.

Feature extensions, variations

  1. The rental policy and fees for new releases is different than for old videos
  1. At some time in the future we may rent videos through the Internet, either on demand by a customer, or with scheduled "show times" that customers can purchase "tickets" for.